y entonces me dieron ganas de ir a escribir por ahí

l used to have a camera called a Zenith but l gave it to Wee Karn and she used it to take photographs of pavements for a while but when l went to get the camera back she said there was a bit of dirt in the lens. To make up for it she gave me a really good pen she had. A Space Pen. The instructions said it was the most advanced writing instrument in the world and it was designed for astronauts to use on their way to the moon. lt can write upside down, over grease and fingerprints, in blazing heat and even under water. So l took that. l wasn't planning on going to the moon but l thought maybe l could sell it to buy a new camera. But it didn't turn out to be worth much so in the end l decided what l would do is, l would just take photographs with the pen instead. l would just write the picture down, and it turned out quite well. The first good thing is no one really notices when l'm doing it l can watch people doing things and they just stay natural 'cause there's no camera pointing at them and they don't know l'm taking their picture and that makes the pictures better 'cause l see people doing the craziest things.

-Stuart D, uno de los Belle and Sebastian

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